August Capital Partners

August Capital Partners is a venture capital investment company. The firm specializes in providing equity capital to businesses that are consumer oriented and that are geared towards capitalizing on the emerging market of India. The firm’s first year target for investment capital raised was $25 million.


About August Capital Partners

August Capital Partners was established in 2011 by founder Sameer Narula. The firm is based in New Delhi, Bangalore, India. It targets companies in certain industry sectors for its investments. Some of those sectors include healthcare, education, travel, recreation, communications, FMCG, and F&B.

The firm has a focus on helping entrepreneurs and their teams to profitable address and work with the mass market potential of the India market, as well as to help in developing businesses that will have a lasting significance in this market.


Types of Investments

August Capital Partners seeks disruptive business models. Those of particular interest are businesses that pave the potential to quickly develop a distinct competitive advantage and to set industry standards.

The team at August Capital works with the management of its portfolio companies and provides assistance with issues such as operations, finance, and strategy in moving towards their goals. This also helps to create value for the underlying companies themselves.

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